Loose Undies Are Better for Sperm Counts, Study Finds

If you’re looking to procreate, it may be time to drop those briefs…

A new study published in the journal of Human Reproduction found that men who wear boxers had a 25% higher sperm concentration than men who wear tight fitting underwear. (Because warmer temperatures are not good for the boys.)   
While you may have heard something like this before, we here at Rated Red figured that if Harvard researchers thought it was worth looking into, a little PSA wouldn’t hurt.
Because along with a greater sperm concentration, men who don boxers also were found to have a 17% higher total sperm count and 33% more swimming sperm.
And if you’re planning on getting in the baby making business, you may want to make that switch sooner than later. Apparently it takes about three months for an entire sperm population to change.
Boxers or briefs, guys? Let us know in the comments!

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