MIT Unveils Radar Technology That Can See Through Walls

Well, kind of.

A team of researchers and students at MIT recently developed "smart" radar-like technology that has the ability to see through walls and track people as they move around.
The device, known as RF-Pose, can identify individuals with a 83 percent success rate. It can also tell whether a person is walking, sitting, standing, or waving.
How? RF-Pose uses radio waves that are able to pass through walls but are reflected by human bodies, which have a high water content. Computer algorithms then analyze the reflected waves, picking out a person’s head and extremities which produce mobile stick figures on a screen.
Though it has raised privacy concerns, the technology would be great for healthcare applications, like monitoring elderly and sick patients for falls or injury. It could also benefit law enforcement and search and rescue teams.
Researchers are currently working with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and hope to eventually market a commercial version of the technology.
What do you think of RF-Pose? Let us know in the comments!

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