Southwest Airlines, Royal Caribbean Cruises Crack Down On Emotional Support Animals

There’ve been some big crack downs on service and emotional support animals this week.

Southwest Airlines announced on Tuesday that it’s implementing new rules for animals on board its flights starting September 17.
When it comes to service animals, passengers with disabilities can only bring dogs, cats and miniature ponies…
Ponies? Is that actually happening?
Passengers in need of emotional support animals are limited to either one dog or cat. No support peacocks--yeah, someone’s tried that one.
Owners will have to keep their emotional support animals in a carrier or on a leash at all times. They’ll also need a letter from a doctor or mental health professional on the day of their departure.
Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean has also just confirmed that it has banned emotional support animals from all of its cruises, citing a lack of recognition by the American with Disabilities Act. Service animals are still in the clear.
What do you think about these companies enforcing new policies for animals? Let us know in the comments!

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