Study Finds America Is Getting Worse About Driving While Texting

You think we’d learn at some point.

What, with all the fatalities last year. A recent study conducted by Zendrive collected data from 2.3 million drivers who traveled a collective 5.6 billion miles over the course of three months. The study focused on six different types of drivers. High-risk drivers were broken into three groups: phone addicts, speed demons, and frustrated lead-footers, ya know, those drivers that accelerate way too fast and then brake real hard, yeah them. Unfortunately, The South had the most phone addicts. Eighteen percent of people in Mississippi used their phones while driving and 16 percent of people in Louisiana and Rhode Island couldn’t stop scrolling. What’s scarier? People spent an average of four minutes looking at their phone while driving. You could probably guess that frustrated lead footers are the most prevalent in New York and California. While approximately 20 percent of people in Wyoming and South Dakota are driving too fast. Now here’s the good news, the majority of us, 71 percent to be exact, are safe drivers. Which type of driver are you? Let us know in the comments!

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