Contra: Legacy of War | Gaming Throwback

Released on the original PlayStation and SEGA’s Saturn (RIP) in 1996, THIS Contra dove head first into the deep end of the 3D pool. Seriously, the game came with anaglyph glasses for Pete’s sake. But it was a gimmicky piece of crap. Comic book glasses or not, Contra Legacy of War took the much beloved game mechanics from the series and slapped a whole new dimension on it. The biggest complaint from gamers is the camera. (Forget trying to play this game drunk.) But for how clunky it is, the game gives you many ways to control your fighter. You can obviously jump, but you can also prone and strafe. Pick from four fighters, each with a different set of upgradeable weapons, and fight your way in every direction against Colonel Bassad’s alien army. Firepower-wise, this game broke tradition, because the best weapon is NOT the Spread. It is the honing laser. And gameplay is difficult because it is hard to determine the exact location of enemy fire, making it near impossible to navigate all those bullets. Good news is that this is the first Contra to have a health bar! While the game wasn’t all THAT bad, especially for its time, it was the fact that it had the name Contra in it. Which raised the expectation of the game 10 fold. Did you ever play this game? What did you think? And which game should we throwback to next time? Let us know in the comments!

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