Fortnite’s 5.21 Update Brings New Weapon, Modes

If you were hoping for a bigger gun, the Fortnite gods have answered your prayers with the new HEAVY SNIPER.

This big daddy does 150 damage to players and 1050 damage to buildings. And all that power means a MUCH longer reload time.
Two Time Limited Modes (TLMs) are under way. Sniper Shootout is perfect to finding and testing out the new heavy sniper. And if the name doesn’t give it away, there’s only sniper rifles for guns.
50v50 is deploying a new twist to gameplay with the ability to use your glider anytime you’re above 10 meters. The new game mode is called Soaring 50’s and it’s all about mobility. (You never know who’s going to come in for a landing.)
The ability to redeploy your glider is a game changer. Whole squads can maneuver across buildings or fields with much more ease and little detection. Thankfully it’s only available in LTM. In Soaring 50’s, not only do you have a glider by your side at all times, but Impulse Grenades, Launch Pads and Bounce Pads all have higher spawn rates. It’s also important to note that profile stats are not recorded in this game mode.
Are you liking the ability to redeploy your glider at anytime? Let us know in the comments!

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