Gaming Throwback: Duke Nukem 64

Released in November 1997, this first-person shooter made waves in dorms, man caves and smelly basements across America. The game’s battles are immediately unleashed on Duke, who has just returned to Earth to find the place overrun by aliens. Our hero’s goal is to "kick ass and chew bubblegum"…and he’s all out of gum. Pistols, machine guns, grenade launchers, pipe bombs, shrink rays, and missile launchers are all at your disposal in this action-packed alien fest. Shoot your way through more than 30 challenging levels, find tons of Easter eggs, and use items in the game to help advance your position. Turok fans will love the default controls; move with the C-buttons, look around with the control stick. Use the D-pad to switch weapons and hit L to activate ‘em. There are a few alternative control schemes to choose from if you aren’t a fan of the default. Graphics are great on the N64, with an occasional hiccup in frame rate, especially when you’re blowing stuff up. Now remember to save the game at the beginning of your level, cause you can’t save in the middle. Sound effects are pretty rad, but there’s no in-game music, which is kind of weird. Plug up to three additional controllers into your N64 and fight to the death, or opt for the two-player co-op mode. Have you ever played Duke Nukem 64? And which game should we throw back to next week? Sound off in the comments!

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