What You Need to Know About Fortnite Season 5

Nothing like a brand new season to freshin up the battlefield.

Epic Games is calling it "Worlds Collide," and they aren’t kidding. Vikings, deserts, golf resorts and ancient statues have all been warped onto the island.
First off, there are now golf carts! Well, All Terrain Karts (ATKs) to be precise. While you can’t run enemies over with this vehicle, you CAN get a buddy on the back to give you jumping boost. And the roof is bouncy!
The brand new Desert Biome is in the southeast corner of the island. It has a race track and a town called Paradise Palms. Lazy Links is a golf course on Northern tip of the island. Go there to practice your swing…just watch out for those sand traps. There’s also some minor changes around the map, like Dusty Divot which is dusty no more and is a dense forest with mushrooms.
Scattered all over the island are these Rifts. Step into one and you’ll be teleported way up in the sky. Also around the island are random ancient items like this Stonehenge statue or this Viking ship.
Shotguns have been tweaked as they no longer shoot a random cluster of pellets. Instead, all shotguns shoot the same 10-shot pattern every time, and your crosshair will indicate which pellets hit. My favorite is that players can no longer swap between shotguns to shoot in rapid sequence.
And watch out for Switch players! They now have the ability to use their Gyro/Motion controls to aim.
As always, you can spend 950 V-Bucks (or $10) to get a season pass. But, obviously, the new map is free to play to everyone, season pass or not.
What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about Season 5? Let us know in the comments!

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