Wreckage of USS Helena Discovered Near Papua New Guinea

An American light cruiser that was sunk in World War II has been found!

A research ship belonging to Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen discovered the wreckage of the USS Helena near Papua New Guinea, in late March. The ship was sunk in 1943 by three Japanese torpedoes during the Battle of Kula Gulf, for which she was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation Medal. More than 730 members of the 900 person crew survived the sinking. Originally commissioned in 1939, the Helena was damaged in the attack on Pearl Harbor and played a major role in several battles during the Pacific Campaign. She received seven battle stars in total. The Petrel, the research vessel that found this piece of U.S. Naval history also discovered the wreckage of the USS Juneau and USS Lexington in March as well. You can find more information about both of those discoveries in the link in the comments section and while you’re there let us know what you think about these incredible finds!

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