Michigan Approves New Deer Hunting Regulations

The state is trying to halt the spread of chronic wasting disease by limiting baiting.

The Wolverine State’s Natural Resource Commission has just approved new deer hunting regulations for the 2018 deer season to help limit infection.
Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD was first discovered in Michigan back in the spring of 2015. Since then, 60 cases of the fatal neurological disease have been confirmed in free-ranging deer in six different counties.   
Among the new rules for deer hunting is a statewide ban on any natural cervid urine-based lure and attractants, unless approved by the Archery Trade Association.
Baiting and feeding has also been banned in the 16 county CWD Management Zone impacting Western, Southeastern and Central Michigan.
And at the end of next January, baiting and feeding in the ENTIRE lower peninsula (AKA The Glove) will no longer be permitted with an exception for hunters who have disabilities or meet specific requirements.    
Do you think these new rules will help limit the spread of CWD? Or is Michigan off your list of dream hunting spots?

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