Philadelphia Eagles Uninvited from White House Super Bowl Celebration

The White House is shutting out the Eagles. Bet the Patriots wish they could say the same thing.

President Donald Trump uninvited the Philadelphia Eagles, on Monday, to the White House celebration of their Super Bowl win. And it’s all related to--you guessed it--kneeling down during the national anthem.
According to the White House’s official statement, the Eagles were only planning on sending a small group to the party planned for Tuesday.  
Players like defensive end Chris Long and safety Malcom Jenkins had already said they weren’t coming to the event. Both players have spoken out about the NFL’s new ban on kneeling during the anthem.   
While the White House may be down some Eagles, it’s planning on throwing a different kind of bash about the national anthem.
Do you think the president’s move sends the right message about the national anthem? Let us know in the comments!

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